If You Have a Car Insurance Policy, This is the Easiest Way to Try to Cut Your Rate in Half

Because 260 million US drivers need insurance, it's no surprise this startup is being used by millions. In June, many drivers used this startup to potentially claim extreme insurance discounts.

After much research and feedback, here is a list of the potential discounts. Following these steps may save the average driver hundreds. In fact, a survey of 1,000 zipcodes found that the average driver may save $859.00 a year by finding the right insurer.

We've been able to find 246 insurers, but we found just 7 that will give you an extremely high discount if you drive less than 25 miles per day.

Next, to max out your savings, this brings us to driving record discounts.

There are a few insurers that will give a discount for no traffic tickets within 3 years. Secondly, having no car accidents in the last 3 years shows to an insurer that you're skilled at avoiding accidents and your care while driving.

If you are at least 25 years old, you are in one of 4 age brackets that will give you an extremely high discount. Each insurer greatly varies their discounts. Companies have a risk-calculator that assumes drivers become careful as they age. The surprising part is that a 54 and a 55 year old will pay dramatically different rates at one insurer, but nearly the same rate at another insurer. These exact age brackets vary by the insurer because they all use different sets of data they analyze.

The popular age brackets are if you're over 25 years old, you get the largest discount. Furthermore, if you're over 39 or 55, you'll get another discount. Those over 55 often get extra savings because they get a retirement or "pleasure use" discount.

Additionally, if you live in a qualified postal code or neighborhood without a lot of thefts, you can save even more. Has your agent told you these discounts?

What's the next step? Consumer Fed has warned that 45% of major insurers unfairly hike up loyal customers’ rates just to maximize profits – insurers call it “price optimization.” This means your insurer will keep barely increasing your rate so it's statistically unlikely that you'll leave – this way your insurer makes a higher profit. The rule to fight back is simple. To get the biggest savings, compare discounted rates from a vast network of insurers (that are licensed in your area).

Even if you compared quotes recently, most services leave insurers unchecked. You may feel you have a low rate, but if you could shave off another hundred or two, what could you do with those savings?

There are 246 auto insurers – Which insurer will give you the best rate?

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Step 3) Keep more money and possibly save hundreds!

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71% of respondents that shopped said they obtained quotes online. Most shoppers got 2-3 quotes. (ComScore Auto Insurance Shopping Reports)