Guess how many cars were stolen in South Africa

South Africa: Why Did No One Tell Car Owners About This Thief Catcher?

This is the trick car thiefs don't want you to know, and it can save you money immediately. In fact, 1 car is stolen every 9 minutes in South Africa.

After much research and feedback, we've analyzed two very common steps to reducing car thefts. The most common solution is actually a myth--it doesn't actually stop thefts. But, the other one does. Find the top two below (and how to save the most with them).

The most popular method is to use a car security system. A vehicle alarm doesn't stop thefts. A study from the American Highway Loss Data Institute of over 73 million vehicles showed that car alarms had little to no effect on theft rates. Why is this? It's probably because car alarm sounds are ignored, and they mistakenly go off so frequently.

The second method is a more unknown. Protect your car with a tracking device and save up to 27% on your monthly car insurance premium.

In 2019, 56 616 cars were stolen. Afterwards, and without a tracker, you really have almost no chance at getting the car back. When they're stolen, 30% are smuggled to other countries and 10% are stripped for parts.

The good news is that we found a company that does something unique. They created an efficient way to track your car. With this tracker, you'll then save up to 27% on your monthly car insurance premium.

There are many tracking options. Which will give you the best rate? Start below to compare.

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