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Virginia: Why Did No One Tell Modern Car Owners This New Policy?

Closely inspect your insurance bill before you pay it.
Updated September 6, 2017

Two shocking reports show that insured Canadian drivers have significantly overpaid. This is the trick your auto insurer does not want you to know.

In a study from Consumers’ Association of Canada, those paying the average rate may save $567.07 a year by finding the right insurer. During August – 39,080 Canadian drivers have trusted this simple process to get extreme insurance discounts.

If your car has anti-lock brakes, a factory-installed alarm, or air bags – you qualify for a discount. If you qualify for 2 or 3 of these discounts, the savings may be extremely high. Also, there are a few insurers that will give a discount for no recent tickets and if you live in a qualified postal code. Has your agent told you these discounts?

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Consumer watchdog groups have warned that most major insurers unfairly hike up loyal customers’ rates just to maximize profits – insurers call it “price optimization.” This means your insurer goes through your shopping data and whether or not you're loyal customer of certain companies. Based on their results, they'll give you the highest rate they think you'll spend. Depending on the local laws, insurers are allowed to change their rates every 3 months. The rule to fight back is simple. To get the biggest savings, compare discounted rates from a vast network of insurers (that are licensed in your area).

There are dozens of auto insurers – Which insurer will give you the best rate?

Step 1) Choose your driver and car insurance discounts below.

Step 2) On the next page, select an insurance category. Then, instantly choose a result. Compare low rates in your area to possibly save hundreds every year.

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Discount Drivers shows how safe drivers are considered low risk to certain insurers. Comparing as many insurance rates as possible is an almost certain guarantee to get the lowest rate.

Many insurance companies see drivers as a huge financial risk. Some of these insurers have decided to reward good drivers (without a recent ticket) and safe cars with highly discounted rates.