Help / FAQs for our free quote form

I'd like to get a car insurance quote over the phone. Do you offer a phone number?

You may call to get a quote at 877-610-6948. This has just been made available by one of our partners.

I don't see my car listed. Do you support RVs, motorcycles, Smart cars, and cars before 1981?

Sorry, but we do support all vehicles because not all insurers cater to these. But, you can see insurers in your state and check to see if they support your vehicle:

Confirm your state:       See Local Insurers - Next Page >


My zipcode was said to be "invalid." Can I get quotes?

Insurance companies require that the form makes sure all zipcodes are "valid." Some newer zipcodes that are not in public databases, we are unable to assist with. You have two options if this happens:

1) Type your address in the text box at (opens in new window) and see if another zipcode is recommended to you. If so, try that zipcode.

2) Also, you can see a list of local insurers by confirming your state above. Getting a direct quote may be your best option at this point.

How do you use my personal information?

It's used by local insurers to give you accurate quotes.

When will I receive my quotes?

The insurers will give you the rates. If you're matched with insurers, it can take up to 2 business days -- although you'll typically receive quotes from local insurers within one day via the contact information (usually by the email address and/or phone number) you supplied. Using our form takes about 4-8 minutes. You can request additional quotes after you submit the form (you'll have to re-enter your data for the other insurers listed on the final page).

Do I have to enter my information for each insurer?

No. This part is optional, but it is recommended so you can get more quotes. To receive quotes, you only have to submit our form. If you're matched with local insures, please allow up to 2 business days for their quotes -- although you'll typically receive quotes within one day.

Is DiscountDrivers a car insurance company?

No. We solely help connect you to auto insurers so they can give you quotes. The best way to get completely accurate quotes is for the actual insurance companies to provide the rates and policies.


How it works

We discovered that although there are currently 246 auto insurers, most drivers will never contact more than a few agents for quotes. That's because it's simply too time consuming to repeatedly answer the same basic question that an insurer need to know in order to accurately quote a premium... that is, without going completely insane.


Fact is, insurance sales is a highly competitive and stressful business. Agents are driven hard to write new business. So when a company receives a quote request, the are practically obliged to respond to the request. And fast.


That gave us an idea. What if we developed one simple form that our readers could fill out just ONCE in about 4 minutes, and send it to multiple insurers in your area and get back up to eight offers. Because it is not possible for us to calculate 100% accurate quotes, these agents have to give you the quotes. But, they're fast and you usually get the quotes within hours. If you want even more quotes, there's also the option after you submit your information to request even more quotes. They require that you re-enter your info for their quotes, however.


And since each insurance company knows that your info was also being submitted to their competition (Don't you just love the power-play here?), they feel the absolute need to respond with the best coverage at the lowest price to even stand a chance or winning your business.





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