Best Apps To Find Cheap Gas Near You

May 16, 2021

Fuel costs seem to be rising by the week and many are in search for the cheapest prices. There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling into a gas station, and after filling up realizing the station across the street is 10 cents cheaper.

If you’re looking for ways to cut down on prices at the pump, consider downloading an app that will help you find cheap gas. Even if you save a couple bucks a week, it adds up by the end of the year. Here are our top picks for gas saving apps:


Yay for free apps! This is probably the most well known app for saving on gas. With over 60 million users on the app, it’s no stretch to say this is a top pick for many. In 2018, GasBuddy helped drivers save $1.5 billion on gas.

In addition to showing you where the cheapest prices are near you, GasBuddy actually helps you save at the pump. GasBuddy actually links your checking account to their app, and each time you fill up, you can use the app to save 5 cents per gallon, and 15 cents per gallon for your first fill-up only.

They offer real-time gas prices at more than 140,000 gas stations in the U.S., Canada and Australia. Their website also has a number of handy tools for you to browse through, including a trip cost calculator for your next long road trip and handy gas price charts.


You may use Waze for their GPS, but it can also lead you to the cheapest gas station near you. It’s simply the best collective usage of data, interface design, and usability available – and that includes leaders Google Maps and Apple Maps.

You can get specific with gas station, gas type and price when using Waze to find your best gas station. Beside their easy to use gas price search, their navigation is top notch. Crowdsourced commutes will keep you aware of cops, accidents and traffic on your route. If you haven’t tried Waze yet, give it a try.

Gas Guru

Yellow-pages owned, Gas Guru will show you the cheap prices near you from the Oil Price Information Service, which means their prices are up to date. You can save certain gas stations into your “favorites” so you can easily go back to it. Similar to GasBuddy in a lot of ways, both are highly rated by its users.

Gas Prices by MapQuest

Like the other apps, Gas Prices by MapQuest will show you where to find the cheapest gas prices in the area. You can select your preferred fuel type and then save any gas stations to your favorites.

When you’re traveling to work, or on a road trip, you can map out the best prices along your route. Making it quick and convenient to stop for the cheapest prices.

Gas hasn’t been $3 since 2014 – but we may be seeing those prices again. With Memorial Day approaching and travelers hitting the road, the strong demand of gas will be hitting. We may be seeing $3 gas for the summer of 2019.

Sounds crazy, right? It’s more important than ever that you find the cheapest gas prices, and save as much money on your fuel costs. Even if it’s a couple hundred dollars a year. With these apps, you can make sure you’re getting the best gas prices around.

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