7 Things That Force A Cop To Pull You Over

January 30, 2021

No one likes to be pulled over by a cop. But sometimes, we bring it upon ourselves. Even though you didn’t do anything “serious” – there are still things that cops see that cause concern. It’s important to be aware of the small things you may not know are red flags to cops. Here are 7 things that practically force a cop to pull you over.

1. Illegal Window Tints

This is an obvious one for cops. Most states ban or limit the amount of tinting allowed on car windows. Many cops carry devices that measure the level of tint on the window. The more you go over state law, the more your ticket will be. It’s really not worth it. Know your state laws on tinting and don’t risk the hefty fine for a blacked out look.

2. Using A Phone While Driving

OK, first off, DUH. Don’t text. Don’t scroll on Instagram. Don’t post on Facebook or snapchat your friend back. Just wait, because it’s not worth the damages you could do to yourself or someone else.

It should be noted that cops are hot on the trail of someone who looks as though they are preoccupied by a device. Even if you’re doing something as simple as looking down at your GPS – law enforcement is serious about any kind of distraction when it comes to devices.

3. Driving With Your Lights Off

Understandable, if you drive an older vehicle, you may not have the luxury of automatic lights. But not having your lights on from dusk till dawn is a sure way to see those red and blue flashing lights behind you. Hopefully you’ll get off with a simple reminder, but don’t chance it.

4. Slow Driving

While it may seem better than driving fast, driving too slow can seem suspicious. Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol often drive unrealistically slow to avoid accidents or out of nervousness. Not only that, but driving too slow aggravates people on the road and force them to pass.

5. Littering

Not only are you throwing garbage out into the environment rather than putting in a trash can like a normal person, but you create road hazards when you throw your trash out of the window. If a cop sees this, be prepared to get pulled over, and get fined.

6. Swerving

The perfect way to spot a drunk driver is a car moving back and forth between lanes without control. Maybe you’re not under the influence of a substance, but another reason you could be swerving is because you’re on a device. Cops will be quick to pull over anyone who isn’t driving responsibly.

7. Speeding

So many car fatalities are due to speeding. In 2017, speeding was a contributing factor in 26% of all traffic fatalities. It may be frustrating seeing a cop car parked in sneaky spots to try and catch people in speed traps. However, speeding is serious and lose control for one second, and you could cost your life or someone else’s. Speeding is a sure way to get pulled over.

Happy, and safe driving.

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