Auto Insurers That Cover High Risk Drivers

September 16, 2018

Perhaps you’ve had one fender-bender too many and now you’re finding it difficult to purchase car insurance. Don’t worry–it happens to a lot of people. Driving incidents are called “accidents” for a reason. Here we’ll cover several insurance companies that you can investigate. All of these companies cover high-risk drivers, from those with very high speeding tickets to those who have just gotten their license.




Allstate is one of the best-known car insurance agencies on the block. With their wide variety of services and their long-standing affection for those who are just a little bit unlucky, it is a common company to check in with. They also have an incredibly advanced accident forgiveness system, including a $100 rebate for every six months you do not have a claim and long-term accident forgiveness when, or if, you do.


Allstate takes on drivers of all ages, including those who have just received their driver’s permit. As with most companies, prices will likely be higher for inexperienced drivers.




With familiar commercials and a catchy company name, Progressive has been serving risky drivers since the middling 1950’s, concentrating primarily on those who find it difficult to get good car insurance at a reasonable rate.


Unlike Allstate, Progressive does not have a six-month promotion or incentive. However, they do offer some of the lowest rates on the market for those who are accident-prone. It is strongly suggested that Progressive make it into your comparison shopping list as you search for insurance.




Geico’s friendly little gecko has graced televisions for a very long time and is synonymous with the well-reputed brand. This company is happy to cover almost anyone who has a driver’s license and can pay the bill. Better yet, in the event of an emergency they are very cooperative with both the one at fault and the victim. As your dear writer, I say this from experience, having been the victim before.


The one hard hurdle to get over with Geico is that they lack in the agent department. They are entirely run on calling customer service or managing your incidents through their app or website. If in dire need, you may be on hold for a little while.




Disclaimer: USAA is for those related to the military or within the military only. Some government workers may also qualify. The same goes for Navy Federal. However, since our military readers know that having to learn new cities so often puts them at a statistically higher risk for accidents, these two may be worth looking at a bit harder.


USAA is a Texas-run auto insurance company with neither typical agents nor typical locations. Though a few have sprung up in the past few years, USAA is largely an online business model. If you are comfortable with this and you qualify, USAA turns down almost no one.


Navy Federal


Navy Federal would be the brick-and-mortar alternative for USAA. Though the two companies do not share a parent company, their values are very similar.

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