Best Deals on Black Friday Cars

November 25, 2017

Every year we see thousands of cars leave the lots as the holidays get ever nearer. This means that the car lots really turn up the heat on their marketing around this time, because what lot wants to be left with last year’s vehicles come January 1st? So who’s really showing off for Black Friday 2017? Who’s willing to wheel and deal with you on your new car purchase? We’ve got a great overlook right here, right now.

Remember to check your local dealership websites for extra deals than just what’s down here. You never know, you may find something truly special!


Ford’s the hard runner out of the gate on a national level. With huge discounts on their entire 2017 stock, this long time and well known manufacturer is definitely trying to catch consumer attention.

Among all their inventory the best discounts we’re seeing are on the Ford Focus and the Ford F-150. On average the Ford Focus is saving anywhere between 30% and 45% of the typical MSRP on these vehicles during the few days right after Thanksgiving. The F-150 is showing an impressive drop of between 20 and 35% off, depending on which of a plethora of options you purchase along with the vehicle.

These are some of the deepest deals of the season, and these are just the prices being advertised. If you happen upon a dealership that is in need of really clearing out their lot, you may be able to bargain to an even better deal. Look at our article on negotiating your best deal at the car dealership for more helpful hints and tips.


Forgotten dealer Nissan is begging consumers to come take a look around. With many dealerships opening at 4 am on Black Friday, offering free food and drinks to those willing to come in, Nissan is trying desperately to make themselves relevant again. Better yet, they are slowly succeeding.

This means that they are also advertising vehicle discounts as low as 59% off. The best deals at Nissan dealerships across the nation are the Nissan Versa and the Nissan Murano. Though we do have to note that all models have at least a 30% off discount on them, no matter if you’re looking for a comfortable sedan or a tough little work truck.

Needless to say, most Nissan dealers are willing to work with you to fit your budget. Nissan will also delight those that are fans of the Star Wars franchise. This year’s Black Friday sale is Star Wars themed and promises lots of little hints of the new, upcoming movie throughout the holiday season.

Though we’ve only shined the spotlight on two specific brands that are really standing out, don’t be afraid to go out and look around at all your local dealerships! For the first time in several years, the car market is really trying to outdo itself and set some record car sales during the weekend after Thanksgiving. If you’ve been considering buying, now is the time to go in!

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