Black Friday Deals at Your Favorite Car Parts Stores

November 28, 2017

It’s almost that time of the year and none of us can wait to score some super deals at early o’clock in the morning. Most of our discounts from car parts shops are coming in online. There are a few spare paper coupons this year, though they seem to be limited to specific marketing areas. If you’re in one of these, that’s fantastic. What you’ll find in your paper is pretty much the same thing as what you’ll find online. If you aren’t lucky enough to find coupons in your Friday morning paper, read on!

Percentages Off Across the Board

Again, most of what we’re seeing are coupons for a certain percentage off your entire order online. These are not valid in stores and cannot be used, and while we’re baffled as to why any retailer would want to keep perspective holiday shoppers out of their stores, a lot of these places do offer buy online, pick up in store option. If you need something fast, you may still be able to get a good deal with this current deal.

The best deals that we’re seeing are 20% off at Autozone and 25% off at Advance Auto Parts. All of your typical brick and mortar auto parts stores are running at least 10% off except for Napa. This includes all of the national chains. Those that are local must be researched online since, due to our overwhelmingly distanced audience, we can’t really research everything in your direct area. Since most customers have these shops, we’re noting these coupons.

Common Coupons That Help Add Up The Savings

And speaking of coupons, most places that are typically “online only” retailers such as Summit Racing and RockAuto are running huge discounts on certain parts. You’ll see deep discounts on chrome, undercarriage lighting and a wide variety of cosmetic jewelry for your car, along with the occasional cheap grab for things like oil filters and tire lugnuts.

Something that makes it sweeter, RockAuto’s typical 5% off coupon has been bumped up to 10% off for most customers, so it’s certainly worth digging through your magazines to find your most recent offer code. Sites like are also incredibly helpful for finding spare codes from other customers, too!

One Last Tip for Finding Better Deals

This is going to sound strange, but our biggest tip for Black Friday 2017 is to look elsewhere. AAFES, for instance, is running a 25% off sale on gallon cartons of Mobil 1 oil; any type that you would like to pick up. Walmart has a bunch of car tools and gadgets on sale in their flier as well. We realize this sounds a little crazy, but if you need a new set of ratchets you’re going to find much better deals at Sears than you will anywhere that is specifically a car part dealer. So browse your local department ads carefully, you’ll probably find a lot of car related sales that beat out your local auto parts stores. Some auto parts stores may even price match.

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