Car Insurance Discounts You’ve Never Thought Of

December 7, 2017

It’s important to shop around for better deals on car insurance every so often. Companies are always changing their rates, running short term bargains and finding new groups to partner with. This means that, while this article will age over time, when it was written it was relevant. And hopefully for years to come it will help you find better deals and at least give you somewhere to start.

Remember that if you are a veteran or first responder to mention this to your insurance company as this will likely get you at least some small discount.

AAA Membership

AAA membership used to mean more in the past than it does today, but it still may get you a little bit off your monthly insurance bill. Look for insurance companies that are AAA accredited. You’ll often find a list in your AAA newsletter, as well as ads for individual insurance agents. While AAA rarely offers any sort of assurance that these insurance companies are better than any other, the discounts may be worth giving them a shot.

Maintenance Checkups

A well maintained vehicle is a safe vehicle. That means that some insurance companies out there will offer discounts to people who send in receipts for their vehicle maintenance. This could be anything from an oil change to a yearly tire alignment.

However, this does mean more out of pocket for those who are handy with a wrench. Look at the discount they offer and balance it against what it costs you to do the work yourself. It’s rare that the incentive to send in a tire rotation receipt will outweigh the ten minutes it takes you to do it at home.

Short Term Deals

There are a thousand different varieties of short term deals that insurance agencies may offer, and we touched on them at the start of this article. A good example is when they newly pair with another business. This can be anything from 10% off people who have loyalty cards to that business to seriously low deductibles for those clients with that loyalty card.

Another popular short term deal is the type that gets you in the door. Maybe they offer a 25% off discount to people with new vehicles for the first two years of their insurance contract. With these, just remember to cancel on that 24th month to avoid extra charges. It’s very likely that you’ll be able to come back in with a similar offer, either with them or with someone else.

Our third and last example of a popular short term deal is when an agent needs to make ends meet or bring up dismal sales to meet a monthly quota. You’ll often see certain agents push for clients to come meet them, specifically, to examine their options. They may even give you up to 50% off just to get the sale through before the end of the month.

Shop around. Keep insurance agent cards handy and write down terms on the back, making it easier to keep up with.

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3 Replies to “Car Insurance Discounts You’ve Never Thought Of”

  1. I’ve like to se if I’ve qualify for a better insurance rate?
    I’ve never changed insurance companies for 38 years, but don’t know if I have such good rates, the company has changed many times so what do you do?

      1. Most likely there is. The studies on switching insurers typically find drivers save anywhere from $300 to $800 a year.

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