Common Summer Car Problems

June 2, 2020

Summer is many peoples favorite seasons. The open road is practically calling for you to go out and explore. However, with the heat and summer sun, comes issues that your car may have. Make sure you pay attention to these things this summer:

  • Air conditioning

You probably won’t have to guess if your air conditioning goes out. You’ll know right away as you start sweating through your clothes. Nothing makes driving more unpleasant than no AC. Due to extreme high temperatures around the country, the AC in your car is working it’s heart out for you, and sometimes just overworks itself. If your AC isn’t as cool as it used to be, it may have a leak. Nothing your mechanic can’t fix.

  • Overheating

It’s easy to replace coolant in your car, but this causes your car to overheat – especially on extremely hot and sunny days. Remember to use 50/50 coolant and water in your vehicle and only use water in dire emergencies because it corrodes. Keeping your car topped up will help keep it in good shape for the summer.

  • Tire pressure

The heat definitely affects your tire pressure. Don’t neglect any place that has air for you to fill your tires up with. Look at your tires carefully to make sure they aren’t going bald. You can check the depth of your tires by inserting a penny in the treads upside down with Lincoln’s head facing you. If you can see his entire head, it’s time to replace your tires.

  • Hot interior

Have you ever opened the door and sat down in your seats only to be scalded by the heat? Or accidentally touched the metal on your seat belt only to feel like you touched a piece of an oven? Try leaving the windows open a crack and using a sun visor on your front windshield. In the summer, if you have leather seats, it’s more easy for them to crack and tear due to the heat drying out the seats. Take precautions during the summer months to make sure your car isn’t boiling inside.

  • More people on the road

You may think it was a great idea to plan a road trip in the summer only to find out that everyone else had the same idea. With more people on the road, the chance for accidents rises. The bright sunlight can also cause low visibility. Stay alert and check your blind spots when driving.

  • Weak battery

You may know that extremely low temperatures can weaken your battery, but did you know that extremely high temperatures can too? Summer heat causes your battery to work harder, making weak batteries a common occurrence during this time of the year. To avoid this problem, check the battery and make sure all pieces are in good condition. A malfunction in these pieces can hinder air flow over your battery and reduce its efficiency. Additionally, be sure to pay attention to the engine crank on your vehicle. A slow engine crank can be an indicator that your battery is on its way out. If you notice any problems with the battery, it may be a good idea to consider purchasing a new car battery to get you through the season.

Summer time is meant to be enjoyed. To ensure your safety and hassle free summer, check out these common summer car problems and do your best to avoid them.

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  1. I really appreciate you talking about Air Conditioning problems and how they can be immediately fixed by a mechanic. The part of the country that I live in is experiencing some of the hottest heat indexes we’ve ever see and I start to worry if the AC component of my car is even keeping up. With the interest of being safe, I’ll make sure I find an auto service that can regularly check and fix my car AC should anything go wrong. Thank you for the article!

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