Frequent Car Insurance Discounts For Seniors

December 28, 2018

Car insurance discounts for seniors are incredibly various and ever-shifting. One week a discount may be viable in one state, and then not a week later. Here, we’ll concentrate on some of the most common discounts that are available nationwide (more often than not) for senior drivers.


Health-Related Discounts


Those willing to submit documentation that states their health is in tip-top shape may be subject to small discounts in their vehicular insurance. While this does mean turning over health certificates to your car insurance agency, you are likely occasionally taking a physical or getting a check-up anyway, right? It doesn’t hurt to see if it can save you a little money, too.


For those with CDLs (commercial drivers licenses), health checks are mandatory. Not following this schedule can mean losing your license. Since you have to have these for the DOT, it’s a good idea to see if your business insurance will give you a discount as well.


Membership Discounts


AARP, AAA, and other, local business memberships may qualify you for car insurance discounts. As with health-related discounts, it doesn’t hurt to ask when you are initially setting up a deal for long-term car insurance. We do recommend that you don’t join these groups just to take advantage of any sort of discount.


However, if you happen to already be a member, there’s no reason not to use it to your advantage. In addition to this, if you are a member of a country club, golf course, health club, etc–find out if there is a car insurance agent that frequents the businesses that you do. Even restaurants. Connecting to your car insurance agent can save you a pretty penny.


Age-Related Discounts


Though the stereotype is a higher rate for senior drivers, this isn’t always true. See if your health insurance or home insurance company also offers auto insurance. If they do and you have a long history as an excellent customer with them, they may be willing to significantly lower the price for you.


Package deals like these are often a result of a long, steady relationship with the company and the savings can be simply huge.


You may also qualify for a “senior rate” at some local companies. This is often the inverse of rates that go up as you age, rather, ones discounted because the local company is aware of common limited income situations. Whether you are on a fixed income or not, this may be a great way to save some green.




Car insurance agents are encouraged to meet up with seniors personally to discover a bond between agent and customer. You can do the same thing. If they mention that you remind them of their mom, lean into that. Perhaps bring them a baked good when you come to inquire about discounts. As we’ve mentioned before, buttering up an insurance agent near the end of their monthly quota will certainly get you noticed.


A little kindness can go a long way, hopefully toward filling your wallet.

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