Getting the Price YOU Want at the Dealership

November 14, 2017

When shopping for a new vehicle always keep in mind that your dealer wants rid of that vehicle much more than you want it in your driveway. If they don’t, they aren’t the dealership for you. Even if the perfect car is sitting there, shiny and new, drive away. A dealership who won’t play ball with you generally does not value you as a customer. They think they have “enough” of them.

Let them see what that thinking does to them five years down the road, then get your second new car there when they’re desperate for people to come in.

So how do you haggle with a dealer? We’ve got three great tips right here!

Don’t Do The “Let Me Think About It Overnight” Trick

This was the stand by for a very long time. Buyers would tell dealers that they were going to think about the purchase overnight, talk to their spouse or go to the competition if they couldn’t give them the price they wanted.

Now, this is the fastest way to shut down a potential deal. The moment that you walk off the lot, dealers assume you aren’t serious about the deal. They may send you follow up emails or call you, but this excuse has been used to death. Be honest with your dealer. Tell them if you’re still shopping around.

Price Matching

You were at a Chevrolet dealership across town and saw a gorgeous truck that you fell in love with, but it was just the wrong color for your spouse’s taste. Here you are now at a second dealership and you both fall for a truck that is your favorite’s twin, but in a much more spouse-satisfying color.

Unfortunately it’s also $10,000.00 more expensive.

Pull up a chair with your dealer and explain why you’d like to see them price match the other dealership. It is entirely possible that they may have some reason for not being able to do it. Ask for a manager. If the manager still will not price match, it is very likely that they will get as close as they can or throw in something extra to try to make it up to you and get that truck gone.

Cutting Off the Gingerbread

Things like delivery fees and special coatings are some of the first things that dealers are willing to lop off the price of your new car, but there is so much more!

Items that we suggest asking dealers to remove are upcharges for special stereos or touch screen dashboard inserts, special coatings on leather seats or chair covers, and any other superficial items that do not add to the value of the vehicle or the function of it. A dealer is much more likely to drop these than the extra cost of larger tires or an automatic transmission instead of a manual.

If you settle in and work with a dealer, they will want to work with you. After all, dealers are paid by commission.

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