How To “Theft Proof” Your Car

October 15, 2019

Cars are expensive – the last thing you want is someone attempting to break in and steal your car. With car theft becoming more and more prevalent, it’s important to know how you can keep your car safe from theft.

We have a few tips on how to “theft-proof” your vehicle to ensure it stays safe.

Get a car alarm

Some may debate that car alarms won’t deter someone from stealing your vehicle since experienced thief’s can disable an alarm quickly. However, extra attention to the scene of a theft can’t hurt. While yes, alarms can be annoying (especially when you didn’t mean to set it off) – they can certainly help in the case of someone breaking into your vehicle. When paired with more advanced anti-theft strategies, they can be helpful.

Plus, almost all insurance companies will offer you a discount when you have installed anti-theft alarms. This lowers the risk of filing a claim.

Try LoJack or another tracking device

If you want to get serious about preventing car theft, consider Lojack. It’s a tracking system that helps police recover your car and makes it more likely that the thief will be caught. LoJack is one such aftermarket system, and according to LoJack’s website, this is “the only stolen vehicle recovery system directly integrated with law enforcement.”

Many auto manufacturers offer on-board telematics systems, with a primary function of automatically contacting emergency help in the event of a crash, but some of these systems also enable the vehicle to be tracked if it’s stolen.

Put away your valuables

Keep the inside of your car clean, it will be less desirable to break into. This seems too easy – yet so many people fail to do so. Put anything of value in your consoles. Even better, take them out of your car. A thief is looking to gain anything of value in attempts to break into your vehicle. Make sure you don’t give them anything to steal. Plus, you don’t want to have to replace broken windows.

Don’t let your car running

It’s easy to leave your car running. Especially when you’re trying to warm it up or cool it down. Many leave their cars running if they are quickly going into a place to pick something up. Bad idea. Leaving your keys in the ignition is a quick and easy way to drive off with your car. If you leave your car running, you’re doing the hardest part of a thief’s job for them.

Keep the title somewhere safe

Don’t keep the title in the car. According to Geico, thieves are sometimes pulled over by the police in a stolen car, only to calmly pull the title out of the glove compartment and smooth-talk their way out of the situation. As an alternative, Geico suggests hiding the title somewhere inside the vehicle other than the glove compartment.

Park in the light

When possible, park your car in a populated area under a street lamp. It’s a lot harder to steal a car without getting caught when people can see. Also, look for areas with security cameras – this will help in the case of your car being stolen, you may be able to more easily find the thief.

Get your VIN etched on your windows

Your vehicle identification number, or VIN, is a unique 17-digit code that contains information about the year, make, model, country of origin or manufacture, and other details specific to your vehicle. The VIN is stamped in several places throughout the vehicle, usually in the engine bay, dashboard, and door jamb, but not often visible to the public.

If a thief has the intent of selling your vehicle or it’s parts – the VIN will make the car more easy to trace. The likelihood of a thief replacing the glass before giving it to the seller is rare. If you get VIN etching done, let your insurance company know and you may get a discount.

There are many simple ways to ensure your car is safe from theft, and often times you can receive discounts from your insurer. Talk to your provider to make sure you’re getting the discounts you qualify for. Make sure you also compare quotes from other providers to ensure you’re getting the best price for “theft-proofing” your car.

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