Least Reliable Cars

December 24, 2019

What’s worse than throwing thousands of dollars into a vehicle that ends up having some pretty big issues? If you’re looking for a car that you don’t have to take into service soon after you buy it, stay away from these cars listed by Customer Reports.

Consumer Reports looked at an array of things that could go wrong with a vehicle such as brakes, interior, to major things like transmission repairs and bad 4-wheel-drive systems.

Volkswagen Atlas


While the cabin is quiet and very comfortable with a third row seating that can fit adults, this may not be the best option you have when it comes to SUV’s. Climate system, steering/suspension and power equipment were the trouble spots on this make and model. Not to mention you only get about 20mpg – so the fuel economy is less than average, especially when put up to the vehicles that are being made now that can go anywhere from 35-75 miles to the gallon.

Cadillac CTS


A midsized luxury sedan, this car is one of the sportiest cars in the class. The cabin has a luxurious feel with impressive material quality. However, the back seat is snug and the trunk isn’t very spacious. The trouble with this car is the climate system, drive system and transmission. Expect a 4 cylinder turbo, 3.6 liter V6 engine, too.

Kia Cadenza


Large sedan that is competitive with the Chevrolet Impala and Toyota Avalon. The car is roomy and quiet, with a “pleasant enough” ride, though not plush. Better suited for long-distance cruising. Trouble with this car is engine cooling, emissions/fuel system, and climate system.

Cadillac Escalade


This is a big SUV that rides stiffly and can’t stop or handle with the grace of its peers. Despite its massive size, it’s not very roomy inside and the seats aren’t comfortable. It has a powerful 420hp V8 engine and impressive tow capacity, but has troubles with climate system, transmission and in-car electronics.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD


This truck was designed for heavy towing and hailing as well as snow plowing. It has reliability concerns and trouble with fuel/emissions system, drive system, and steering/suspension. While this truck is good for off-road, it may not make sense in your everyday commute.

Tesla Model X


More showy than practical, the ride very quick and handles well. However, the comfort and noise isolation aren’t as good as in the S. Trouble issues with this car is body hardware, paint and trim, in-car electronic and noises/leaks. If you’re looking to spend that much on a vehicle, try a different model.

Buick Enclave


Three-row SUV that is fairly quiet, comfortable and responsive. It also has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. Issues here are transmission, power equipment, noises and leaks. Keep in mind, any vehicle that may have transmission issues (no matter how “minor) is a big red flag. Since transmissions are one of the most expensive things to repair on a car, you won’t want a car that has a faulty transmission.

Jaguar F-Pace


Compact SUV with 3.0 liter V6 with a loud engine drone. The ride is stiff and choppy. While the seats are comfortable, interior quality doesn’t match some competitors. Troubles with this car is in-car electronics, drive system, power equipment, noises and leaks.

At the end of the day, if you’re going to be spending tons of money – at least research cars that have higher ratings when it comes to reliability.

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