How to Manage Your Policy With Your Car Insurance Company

November 23, 2018

Managing your account with your car insurance agency is a breeze. Whether you want to change your plan, look at your premiums, report an incident or check the status of a claim, most agencies are there for you 24 hours a day. However, being there for you can come in a lot of different forms. Let’s look at the most common ones.




By and far most agencies prefer to use the internet in today’s world. That isn’t preferable for everyone, especially if they don’t have a smartphone or they don’t have a computer. Library computers are often available, but who wants to have to deal with going to the library to manage your insurance?


If you are a tech geek like yours truly, you manage most everything online. Various internet accounts can be a little troublesome to maintain, but having everything at your fingertips is a wonderful tool.


By Phone


The largest national insurance companies have agents waiting by the phones 24/7 just in case you happen to have a scrape or a question. However, contacting more locally based companies may be a difficult thing to deal with. Often, these companies are only open from 9-5, or perhaps 8-8. That means taking time off your job just to call in.


If you’re hard at work, try to use your breaks to deal with business like this. If you call during “off-hours” such as 2:30 pm on a Wednesday, it is more likely that you will be served in a quick and orderly manner than if you call at noon on a Monday.




The good old average mail system is still trying to find it’s place in today’s world. With so much instant access, we find it bizarre that people once waited a week or more for a letter to arrive. In truth, most people in their 20’s can imagine sending a letter any more than their parents would have used a telegram.


While the mail is certainly outdated as it stands as of this writing, it can be an excellent way to get your point across in a difficult insurance situation. Perhaps your company has decided they do not want to repair your car after an accident. Or maybe something even more complicated is happening.


For situations in which you would prefer an agent read every single word of your needs, send a certified, notarized letter along. The notarization goes pretty far with most companies because they know what’s coming next. If you are not in the wrong, you will likely receive a phone call or e-mail soon.




Visiting a location is a very viable way to get in contact with your insurance agent. The largest drawback feeds into the same one as phoning your local companies. The restriction of hours can be difficult for some to cope with, again, often 9-5 or 8-8. Our advice? If the situation requires you to visit your car insurance location, take the time off of work and attempt to be compensated for it.

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