Mo’ Power Mo’ Money: How to Supercharge Your Car Without Breaking the Bank

May 14, 2018

When you’re trying to really pack on the punch with your engine, you might notice your bank account diving faster than a submarine. It goes deep, deep into the red and you wave goodbye to your credit rating just to get a car that can nearly fly.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There aren’t exactly cheap ways to turn your car into a dragster, but you can save some cash here and there.


Instead of dropping ten grand on a brand new v8 engine, you may be able to get a significant boost in your old v8 or v6 simply by installing a turbo charging chip.

So what on earth is a turbo charging chip? This chip essentially overrides commands in your vehicle’s computer to keep it from overheating or overdoing it. This does mean more wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine, but it’s already going to have that no matter what you do. Some turbo charging chips also effect torque in the transmission, giving everything a little extra boost.

These chips can be grabbed for a few hundred to a thousand dollars instead of the thousands it will cost to fit your vehicle with a larger motor. You’re going to need these savings.

Cooling and Exhaust

A strong motor is a hot motor. With all the friction happening inside your baby, you need her to stay cool, right? Look for turbo charging chips that also really let your car breathe. These chips will often encourage higher air flow for not only better fuel use, but also to help the vehicle keep cool.

There are lots of different cooling option add-ons. Look for coupons on Google when purchasing them. Even 5% coupons, which are plentiful on most sites like Summit Racing and RockAuto, can save you a couple of hundred dollars if you’re going all in.

Lastly, while we recommend that you stick to your state’s exhaust laws, make sure that your converters and mufflers stay clean. A car that can’t breathe out the back loses a lot of power, very quickly.


When we say stamina, we’re talking about the car’s ability to keep going even under high intensity use. Tractor pull tractors, for instance, blow engines like crazy because they have power but they can’t handle the pressure that power puts out.

We strongly recommend making sure that your vehicle can cope with the power you’re putting under the hood. A tiny, plastic car with 400 horsepower is a recipe for disaster. Weigh your cars down if you’re putting that kind of power at their disposal so you don’t turn yourself into a kite when you floor it.

As well, make certain that your interior is set up so it can cope with the pressure you’re putting through it. Use appropriate hoses, appropriate lines, and don’t skimp on your brakes. Eventually you’re going to want to stop and everybody wants you to be able to do so. Remember that fast, strong cars make for some of the coolest toys on the planet but make sure that they’re safe before you stomp them. Have fun!

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