Myth Busted: Red Cars Will Cost You More To Insure

February 2, 2021

Choosing a color for your car is a big decision. Want to go all out and get a bright yellow or blue? Or maybe you want to be more subtle with a gold or silver car. The color is definitely a decision you want to make sure you’re happy with.

As long as it’s not… red, right? I’m sure you’ve head the myth about red cars being more likely to get pulled over, or even higher to insure by your auto insurance company. It’s a popular belief – but it’s total fake news.

Will my car insurance increase if I have a red car?

According to a study done by, 44 percent of Americans believe that owning a red car means having higher premiums. Wrong – having a red car won’t effect any part of your car insurance.

Things like driving record, make and model, where you live and even if you’re a good student or not can play a big part on your rates. However, the color of your car will not. Insurers won’t even ask you the color of your car when getting the quote.

What kind of car you drive will affect your rates, though. Higher end imported vehicles are higher to insure than a standard model of vehicle.

Am I more likely to get pulled over in a red car?

Nope, fake news. While there have been studies shown that certain cars get pulled over more than others, it had nothing to do with color. Those statistics are also based on what kind of car certain drivers get. Some cars can be more popular with people who are more prone to traffic violations – but that’s a different subject.

According to the stats, cars that get pulled over more often are a mix of luxury and standard makes and models. Even the Prius is high on the list… surprising, huh? However, color had nothing to do with the rate of traffic violations.

The conclusion that many make is that drivers of luxury cars tend to take more risks on the road – especially fast sporty cars. So with more risks, comes bigger chance to get pulled over and given a ticket. Myth-debusted.

What actually matters?

There are so many other things you should consider when worrying about cheap auto insurance, and color isn’t one of them.

What are some important factors?

  • Whether or not you have a clean driving history
  • Whether or not you’re a student (and have a good GPA)
  • How many miles your car has
  • What make/model of your car
  • Gender
  • Credit history
  • Where you live
  • Relationship status

Those are just a few of the big things that insurers will ask you about when getting a quote. Overall, you can rest easy if you have fallen in love with the red car of your dreams – color shouldn’t inhibit you! If you’re a safe driver who practices the laws of the road, you’ll have little to no issues with getting pulled over.

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