Are There Discounts for Drivers With No Recent Tickets?

May 16, 2016

There are many insurance companies that offer discounts for safe drivers — with no recent tickets in the last three years.

Safe (or good) drivers typically have these in common (and can get discounts up to 45% off–almost cutting their rate in half in some cases):

  • Been licensed for at least 3 years
  • No major conviction nor an at fault accident
  • No more than 0 to 1 minor convictions
  • No DUI (driving under the influence) for 7-10+ years

If you haven’t had a recent traffic ticket, you need to take action

For many that are ticket-free drivers for at least 3 years, they wonder why they paid the same insurance premium rate as those that do have tickets. If don’t have a recent ticket, you should be seen as less of a risk on the road.

The less of an insurance premium you have to pay, the less money your insurance agent will make off of your policy. This is why there is a good chance that your agent never said to you, “Hey customer, have you received any speeding tickets in the last three years since you have been with us? If not, allow me to make your insurance rate cheaper.” Or, if your agent did say something along this line, they probably also said, “You know, for the price you are paying now, I can add in a higher rate of life insurance while discounting your car insurance rate,” to make sure that they were maintaining their income levels for yearly profit goal purposes. I say all of this to help you see that driving safe every year is not enough. If you want a cheaper insurance rate to compliment your safe driving, you are going to have to ask for one.

Safe drivers’ research

As stated earlier, there are many car insurance companies offering discounts to drivers who have not received tickets for three years or more consecutively. Though they are offering discounts, they all have their prerequisites or eligibility terms as well as discount levels and rates. Some insurance companies will offer you usage based discounts as their goal is to make sure that you are continually driving safe. Other insurance companies will simply want to know that you have not had any speeding tickets in the last three years and will give you a discount. Better yet; many of the insurance companies offering discounts to drivers without speeding tickets in a consecutive three year period will give you a larger discount if you have not gotten a speeding ticket for five consecutive years.

Some companies that come to mind who offer discounts to drivers without any speeding tickets after three years of loyalty are:

  • State Farm
  • Travelers
  • Safeco
  • 21st Century
  • Liberty Mutual

There are even more companies than these listed who will save you money on your insurance policy so as stated earlier, be sure to look into what your insurance carrier has for you. In the meantime, continue to be safe and know that you can be rewarded financially as well for your safe driving record.

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18 Replies to “Are There Discounts for Drivers With No Recent Tickets?”

  1. I’ve had my licence since 1989 and only 1 ticket and I still pay to much .I’m paying $156.00 every month. Why?

    1. No, credit is weighed differently by each insurer. If you have a safe driving record and qualify for other discounts, you should save a lot by comparing rates.

  2. I have had no tickets in 15 or 20 years getting ready to turn 65 years old I’m a safe driver only had one Rick and that was in the snow this past December I believe.
    But that was just a fender bender and I’m still driving my car so if they won’t account something like that in over 15 or 20 years that’s crazy I have no idea how this works??

  3. I have been with AAA for 10 years and they give the discount for good driving also on student drivers more then one car or even other policy’s like renters insurance and home owners ECT and there membership is awesome

  4. I have insurance. every month my insurance goes up$4-7 dollars. I have never had a ticket, not speeding, not DU. I had a no fault accident about 25 years ago. My insurance ranges from 210-$217. Last payment was $217.00 go figure. M7 Credit score is 649 last I checked?????? I am 73 years old and have been driving since age of 16.

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