Roadside Assistance: Discounts on Memberships That Won’t Leave You Stranded

January 26, 2018

In a world where we’re constantly connected to everyone around us, the very idea that we may be left alone on the side of the road is terrifying. It becomes even more scary for those who are home with no way to contact their loved ones or help them out- especially parents waiting on their teenagers to come home.

There are a million and one roadside assistance programs on the market, but today we’ll be looking at a few that have discounts for certain parts of the population. Do remember that these discounts may have changed since the writing of this article, so be certain to check with your customer service agent when you’re investigating them. Let’s go.


AAA/CAA are the most common knowledge roadside assistance businesses in the United States and Canada. These companies are of high repute and provide incredible service to millions of people. Commonly, discounts are available to those with AARP membership, first responders, government workers, teachers, and military personnel.

Additionally, AAA/CAA offer a wide range of travel booking services with company-only rates. While you may not be eligible for a discount on the actual roadside assistance, frequent travelers may consider picking up one of these memberships for both roadside incidents and cheaper traveling fares.

Dealership Roadside Assistance Packages

Whether dealing with an OnStar membership or something a little more analog based, almost all dealerships offer some kind of roadside assistance. These are a common add-on during the closing of a new or used vehicle sale- and if you hit the dealership at just the right time, they’ll often add on a year or two of assistance for free just for your buying the vehicle.

Many car manufacturers will offer “loyal” customers the potential to purchase these roadside packages at lower prices. Loyal customers refer to those who are purchasing a vehicle of the same make as the one their family already owns.

Insurance Roadside Assistance Packages

These are a little newer than the former two mentioned, but they work essentially the same way. It just took the insurance companies at large a little longer to realize that their job will be a bit easier if they can get vehicles out of dangerous situations if they give their customers a phone number to call.

During low production times, these are often offered as a “sweetener” to get new customers into an agency. If investigating a deal like this, do so deeply. Ask for the exact contracts prior to signing them and go over every single word. On occasion, these agencies will offer such deep discounts on roadside assistance packages because they only perform one or two essential forms of assistance- such as jumpstarts or tire changes. This won’t help you much if you need a tow.

Also be certain to investigate the exact wording used in the contract regarding the insurance company and tow company’s responsibility if your vehicle is damaged while being removed from a dangerous situation. The insurance company should back you up and they should only be using insured, bonded towing companies to service your vehicle.

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