Rubber Discounts: How to Save on a New Set of Tires

December 7, 2017

Everyone dreads having to buy a new set of tires, be they winter tires for the season or an all weather tire because your old ones are worn out. The cost is always higher than one expects and the tire never seems to last as long as you want it to. Here, we’ll show you some ways to save a few extra pennies when you buy those ever necessary treads.

Buy x Get x Free Deals

Buy 3 tires, get 1 free! Buy 2 tires, get 2 free! And so on and so forth. These sales become incredibly popular about twice a year, usually at the beginning of summer and at the beginning of winter. Why?

At the beginning of summer families are looking at their old tires and worrying over their condition. They may be planning road trips with the kids, or simply realizing that they’ll need to upgrade before the year is out. The beginning of summer is also about as far from the Christmas holidays as possible within a calendar year. Customers aren’t yet thinking about that financial rub.

Summer is a great time to buy tires, met only perhaps by winter’s abundant sales. With Black Friday, Christmas and so many other holiday sales thrown in the mix, it’s easy to find a good tire on a shoestring budget.

Comparable Brands

Why pay for brand A when they also manufacture brand B? Sometimes all you pay for is a name brand. Look up who makes your tire and what off brands they also produce. More times than note, these second level tires are the exact same rubber produced on the same machines as the first tier tires. And you can save a bundle by knowing which brands are interchangeable and which ones aren’t.

Playing Them Against Each Other

In one of our earlier articles, we talked about getting your price on a car lot. We mentioned that playing car lots against each other no longer works as a deal grabbing strategy. I am happy to report that this still works beautifully within the tire business.

Your best bet is to visit a lube shop or a tire shop and get a quote in print, signed by a manager. Visit several, look for the lowest bargain and call back the friendliest, most customer oriented shop of those you visited. It is very likely that they will not only try to meet the competition’s price, but perhaps beat it as well. This may mean a free warranty on your tires or a coupon for free balance and rotation in the future- something that every good wheel will need eventually.

Remember to have your tires measured at every oil change. Anything below 7/32nd s needs to be investigated further. If your tread is below 4/32nd it’s past time to head in to your local tire shops and look around. Coupons rarely exist for tires, but there’s no reason not to do a quick Google search to see if you can find something once you’ve settled on the tire brand you wish to purchase.

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