Run Your Daytime Lights and Save Money On Your Auto Insurance

July 8, 2019

Daytime headlights at an advantage

If you own a new vehicle and run your day time lights, you could receive a discount on your current car insurance rates.

The daytime running lights are the bulbs on the front of the car that turn on automatically once the engine is on. These lights add extra illumination and visibility on the road. Unlike the lights that are required at night for full visibility, the daytime lights add a little extra illumination that could help prevent an accident.

During the day, the lights that come on help pedestrians on the road know that you are ready to move. This can serve as a warning to those around the car to use caution.

Helpful in bad weather:

On the mornings when the fog is thick, or the rainy afternoons when the sky is darkened and it’s difficult to see the road, daytime lights are a huge safety feature. Not only will they help with visibility of the road, they will warn pedestrians and other vehicles of your presence. More visibility means less chance of an accident… which means no insurance claim.

Basically, any safety feature on your car can reduce the risk of an at-fault accident. Your insurance company wants to know that you’re driving isn’t going to cost them money by having to file a claim. Using your daytime headlights are an easy way to save.

Interested in knowing which Insurers offer the use of daytime headlights? Here are four major auto insurance companies:

  • State Farm
  • USSA
  • Farmers

Is there more safety discounts available?

Your insurance company probably isn’t giving this to you, so it’s important that you call them and ask about it. The more you ask, the more discounts you may find out you are eligible for.

You probably didn’t know that you could get a discount for using your daytime headlights, and chances are there are more safety precautions you can take with your vehicle that could save you even more, like:

  • Airbags (front and side)

This will decrease the chances of serious injury in the case of an accident.

  • Anit-lock brakes

This prevents the wheels from locking up during braking, and maintains tractive contact with the road surface.

  • Anti-theft devices such as passive/active alarms and tracking systems

Reduces the risk of theft and the possibility of having to file a claim. We have another article on this you can read about here.

Rare, but worth the search

You’re not going to find this discount just anywhere… it’s pretty rare. But it’s worth contacting your insurance company to see if they offer it. The more money you can save, the better. By comparing new rates, you can have the power to see all the discounts you may qualify for. We recommend comparing rate because you’ll never know what you’re missing out on, and what money you could be saving.

Quick Money Savings Tip For Safe Drivers

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