Safe Drivers: You Can Save Big On Your Auto Insurance

June 30, 2019

There’s many different discounts you can get with your auto insurance – some you may never even knew about. One of the most well known discounts is the Good Driver discount – and all preferred insurance carriers offer it to their customers. The more drivers you have on your policy who are considered “good drivers”, the more money you save a year… and the savings can be big.

What makes you a “Good Driver”?

Insurance carriers criteria may differ on what constitutes you being a Good Driver, like how many years you’ve gone without an accident/violation.

However, there are some similarities across the board with all carriers such as: going at least three years without an accident, taking a defensive driving course, going at least three years without a traffic violation, and completing a driver training course. The more drivers your have on your policy that fall under these categories, the more the discounts add up.

How can you maintain your Good Driver reputation?

Always follow the rules of the road. If you’re being negligent, you can expect to get a violation sooner than later, and that means you lose your Good Driver discount. Otherwise, If you’re following the rules of the road, no need to worry about traffic violations.

Insurance companies love to see that you’ve taken a Defensive Driver Course. This tells them that you are prepared in protecting yourself from at-fault accidents. No accidents = good driver.

If you’re a teenager and you can prove that you passed drivers education classes and you have good grades in school, you can save big, too. Completing and passing Drivers Education and that you’re responsible and take your time on the road seriously.

Here are 8 insurers who accept Good Driver discounts:

If you’ve been accident-free for five years, you may be able to save up to 26% on most coverages. Proof of Defensive Driving course and Drivers Education are available for discounts.

Hold a valid drivers license for at least 3 years with one or zero penalty points on your driving record and save 30-40% off your premium.

By adding on Allstate Safe Driving Bonus, you’ll get a check in the mail every six months you don’t have an accident

You qualify for this discount when your car, or the one it replaced, has been insured by State Farm for at least 3 continuous years without a chargeable accident. This discount may increase over time if you keep your car insured with State Farm and continue to have no chargeable accidents.

Accident and violation free drivers receive discounts. RightTrack program will save you up to 30% for enrolling and participating as a good driver.

If you have no accidents or traffic violations in the past three years, you could earn nearly 1/3 off your policy price.

No points in the last three years, Defensive Driving Course, and Drivers Education can help you save with 21st Century.

It’s Worth It To Drive Safe

Being a good driver has its perks. There’s something to be said about a driver who takes their time on the road seriously – and there’s money to be saved, too. Call your insurance provider to see if you qualify for Good Driver discount. And if you don’t qualify – time and focused driving will get you there. Safe driving!

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that I can save on car insurance if I go at least three years without an accident. Since I plan to get a new policy since I’m planning to get a new car after I sold my old vehicle two months ago, it makes sense for me to have it tailored for my new one. I think I’ll consider shopping around and ask them if my previous history with driving can make me save money since I never got into an accident with my old car.

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