How to Sell My Car When Moving Out of State

September 16, 2016

Step 1 – Assess the likely selling price of your vehicle. You can use Kelley Blue Book to determine the market value of your vehicle based on its age, make and model, options and condition. You can also check online used car listings to determine selling prices for similar vehicles.

Step 2 – Set your selling price based on your research, but build $500 or less into your price for negotiation. You may increase interest in your vehicle by setting a selling price that is not a multiple of 100 or 1,000 — for example, if you determine that the fair sales price for your car is $15,000, set the price at $14,995.

Step 3 – Clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle thoroughly. Vacuum the carpets and upholstery, wipe down the dashboard and interior door panels and clear all items from the trunk. Wash and wax the exterior of the vehicle.

Step 4 – Have a repair shop perform any necessary repairs or maintenance. A fresh oil change, new tires and windshield wipers and a fully charged air conditioning unit can make your vehicle more attractive to potential buyers.

Step 5 – Print fliers to hang on community bulletin boards at bookstores, laundromats, coffee shops and your workplace break room. The fliers should include at least one clear photo of your vehicle, as well as the asking price, a description of the car’s features and your contact information.  Be sure to ask before hanging fliers.

Step 6 – List your vehicle for sale in online and offline classified ads. Like your fliers, your online and offline ads should include a description and photo, as well as at least one way for prospective buyers to contact you.

Step 7 – List your vehicle for sale on an online auction site. Although an online auction might not bring top dollar for your car, it can be an effective way to sell your vehicle quickly.

Step 8 – Answer inquiries promptly — if you do not answer a prospective buyer’s call or email quickly, he may forget about your car and continue shopping for a vehicle from other sellers. If you have an Internet-enabled smartphone, list your mobile number and your email address as ways to contact you. This allows you to answer calls and emails as they come in, instead of returning voice mails and emails as time permits.

Step 9 – Negotiate a selling price with a prospective buyer. The faster you need to sell your vehicle before you move, the more flexible you may have to be with pricing. Once you and your buyer have arrived at a mutually agreeable price, write up a contract detailing the terms of the sale.

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