Stocking Up: Fluids for lower prices

November 14, 2017

Your car has a number of fluids that keep it running smoothly throughout all you ask it to do. More often than not, those fluids are rather costly. There are better ways to buy than 4 am in your local Wal-Mart.


If you have an incredible number of vehicles or find yourself doing a lot of oil changes on friends’ vehicles, you may be able to qualify for a parts house wholesale card.

Most of the major car parts houses, including NAPA, have wholesale cards for people who spend enough in a specific period of time. These are mostly made for local mechanics who buy thousands in parts, fluids and other vehicle related repair items over the year. However, it never hurts to ask.

If you are lucky enough to get one of these cards, you will be able to access special pricing for your car needs. Some parts houses may require you to have a business tax number to get one of these cards, or may require that you have a tax exemption number to receive certain discounts. Ask for the full details of their card if you receive it.


Couponing is a popular past time with many families across the world. Trying to get their weekly food bill to a big goose egg is a great game for those looking to save money. This can be applied to things like oil and coolant, too.

Simply writing an email to Mobil1 telling them that you enjoy their product may result in several coupons mailed back to you. These companies want to keep you in the loop and want to keep you loyal to their brand. Just telling them that you approve of their products will give you a spotlight and bring them to you, trying to keep you as long as they can.

In addition to this, we often see parts stores and department stores run sales on, again, things like oil and coolant from time to time. Manufacturer coupons will often stack with these discounts for even better prices. If a quart of oil is $1.19 due to a sale and you have a coupon for $1 off, 19 cents for a quart of oil is a pretty unbeatable deal.

Large Volumes

Sometimes store deals are only run on larger volumes. Quarts of oil may be ignored whereas gallons may be on sale for less than the total price of the quarts included. For instance:

If a quart of oil costs $5 and a gallon of oil is on sale for $15, you are essentially getting that fourth quart for free. Though you may not need an entire gallon of oil at once, remember that these fluids tend to store very well and for many months or years to come. Yes, you may have to find a place to store it in your home, but you may get a free oil change by taking advantage of this sale enough times over. And who can beat that?

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