The Lone Star State Auto Discounts You Need to Know

March 3, 2019

Everything is BIGGER in Texas–but your auto insurance doesn’t have to be.

No matter what state you’re in, most people aren’t aware that they could be qualified for multiple car insurance discounts. Why overpay if you don’t have to? Here is a list of ways you can save in the state of Texas on your car insurance:

1. Multiple Car Discount

Texas has some of the BIGGEST savings compared to other states when it comes to multiple car insurance coverage. We found that you could save on average $52/mo, compared to other states where the average was about $29/mo. In total, add another vehicle to your coverage policy and get $104 in your pocket at the end of the year. Not bad, huh?

2. Defensive Driver Discount

Whether your parents are making you take this course so you’re better suited for the road, or you want to brush up on your safety– reap the benefits of savings on your auto insurance. In the state of Texas, this discount is for all ages valid for 36 months after successfully completing a course recognized by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or Licensing.

3. Anti-theft Discount

You’re not the only one who doesn’t want your car to get stolen–your insurance company doesn’t want it to, either (because they have to pay for it!). If you have theft prevention on your vehicle in the state of Texas you can save 15-20% on your comprehensive coverage. It may not be a massive savings compared to other discounts, but why not take advantage of it?

4. Good Driver Discount

No traffic tickets? Save 4.32%. No accidents? Save 33.01%. Good credit? Save 42.99%. You may also qualify for a safe-driving bonus through your insurance, so ask! It pays to be a good driver in Texas.

5. Good student Discount

If you’re a full time high school or university student and under the age of 25, discounts await you on your car insurance if: you’re ranked in the upper 20% of your class, have an average grade of B or higher, have an average GPA of 3.0 or higher or made the Dean’s list/Honor Roll. Yay for smart and hardworking students!

6. Passive Restraint Discount

We know you love your 1995 Toyota, but make sure your insurance company does, too. You’ll need any vehicle prior to 1998 equipped with factory installed air bags or other passive restraint system which meets federal safety standards and the discount is yours.

While these aren’t all of the possible discounts that await you in the state of Texas, these are ones you want to know about. Talk to your insurance provider and see what other discounts await you. Happy saving!

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