What You Need To Know About Auto Insurance In North Carolina

August 2, 2020

The beautiful and lush state of North Carolina – from the majestic rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the up-and-coming city of Charlotte. That’s not a whole lot to complain about in this state.

The roads in the state of North Carolina are used by over 6.5 million licensed drivers who put in an average of 10,700 miles per year. Many of those drivers are involved in serious road accidents and violations. No mate where you are in North Carolina, auto insurance is a requirement.

Let’s talk about North Carolina’s basic vehicle insurance requirements and laws.

The bare minimum

North Carolina state law requires you to carry minimum amount of car insurance. If you fail to do this and get pulled over, consequences can include monetary fines and jail time. Under North Carolina’s tort system, you may also be liable for actual damages (expenses associated with property damage and medical costs), economic damages (lost wages and earning capacity) and emotional and physical pain and suffering.

Bare minimum car insurance requirements include:

  • $30,000 bodily injury per person per accident
  • $60,000 bodily injury for all persons per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability
  • $30,000/$60,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury
  • $25,000 minimum uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage coverage

North Carolina does not require you to carry additional coverage such as personal liability insurance or Collision and Comprehensive. However, If you own property or other valuable assets, supplementing the minimum requirements can help you protect yourself from monetary loss.

Penalties for failing to carry auto insurance

Given you get pulled over by a law enforcement officer, you must carry proof of insurance for your vehicle. Failing to do do can end up in severe consequences. The first offense typically carries a $50 fine, which must be paid within 10 days to avoid having your license suspended. Fail to comply and your license will be suspended for 30 days and you will be charged an addition $50 restoration fee, a $50 service fee and a license plate fee.

Premium prices in North Carolina

Insurance companies are allowed to charge premiums and award discounts based on a number of factors that can include:

  • Type of car
  • Prior auto insurance
  • How often you drive
  • Driving record
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Geographic location
  • How long you’ve been driving
  • Whether or not you use your car for business
  • Credit

You can almost always lower the cost of your premiums. These ways include:

  • Discounts for good drivers, anti-theft devices, multiple cars on a policy, bundling policies, hybrid/electric car, online/electronic payments
  • Compare quotes from the top providers
  • Get rid of unnecessary coverage
  • Get quotes for cheaper prices every couple of years to ensure you’re getting the best value

North Carolina is a beautiful state. There are many routes drivers can take that are magnificent. But it’s not worth it if you aren’t covered. Make sure you know the minimum requirements. Don’t forget to get quotes from our online quote calculator to make sure you’re getting the best premium price.

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