Why You Should Consider Buying A Hybrid or Electric Car

January 19, 2020

If you’ve played around with the idea of buying a hybrid or electric car but still aren’t sold, let us give you some reasons why it may be the right decision for you.

1. Low Fuel Cost

When you drive a hybrid or electric car, you are either using significantly less gas or none at all. That does wonders for your gas budget. Imagine cutting all your running costs in half, or out completely. When charging a electric car to a full charge, you’re spending less than $3 in electricity. That’s about 100 miles for… nothing. Depending on how much you drive, you could be saving hundreds (maybe even thousands) a year. What else could you use that money for? Savings? Knock out your debt?

2. You’re taking care of Mother Earth

Hybrid and electric cars significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they produce. This is especially helpful in cities, where bumper to bumper traffic can create smog as a result of atmospheric pollutants. When you buy a hybrid or electric car, you’re being a little kinder to this earth.

3. Get up and go

Electric motors deliver maximum torque instantaneously. No waiting for the motor to spool, which allows the hybrid car to match the performance of normal cars. There’s a common belief that hybrids or electric cars don’t have the intense get-up-and-go as regular gas or diesel powered vehicles. This is far from the truth, in most cases, they can get-up-and-go a lot quicker and smoother than a traditional car.

4. No idling

Sitting in traffic and burning up gasoline when you’re not even moving is frustrating. Unlike the gasoline cars, your engine won’t idle and burn up your money while sitting in traffic. Hybrid and electric cars automatically turn off the engine with you are at a red light or sitting in traffic. The power from your battery is used to keep your radio and air conditioning on. Just more ways that hybrid and electric cars help save money.

5. Better driving habits

Hybrid and electric cars are interested in helping develop more fuel economical driving skills. Most come with a ‘driving tutor’ system that shows you how to avoid high revs and encourages gradual breaking. Before you know it, you’ll be an experienced eco-friendly driver.

6. Brands to choose from

Electric-powered cars are becoming more and more popular all around the world. This means there’s a larger range of brands that offer electric and hybrid cars. This means you’re not narrowed to one brand – you can have your choice of brand that suits your taste and budget.

7. High resale value

These cars are extremely popular and are a modern and technical phenomenon – their popularity is just getting started. More people are realizing how much more reliable, eco-friendly, cost effective and powerful they are. That being said, when you want to sell your hybrid or electric car after a few years, the depreciation is less than a gasoline or diesel car.

If you’re wondering if a hybrid or electric car is right for you, don’t hesitate to test drive one at your local dealership. It will be more costly on upfront costs – but they hold their value well and will knock off some maintenance costs that you will inevitably have with gasoline or diesel powered car.

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