Will an SR22 Cover a Nonlicensed Driver?

September 26, 2016

SR-22 Definition

An insurance company files an SR-22 form on behalf of a driver to provide proof of the driver’s financial responsibility. This means the driver has a current auto insurance policy in force. The form must be completed and filed by an insurance company, and some states will accept the document only if it is electronically submitted directly from the insurer. The purpose of the form is to verify that a high-risk individual is carrying at least the state’s minimum required liability insurance coverage, in order to protect other drivers if he causes an accident.

Who Needs an SR-22?

A court mandates an SR-22 in certain situations, and only drivers who have been ordered to file the form must do so. The SR-22 is required of certain individuals who have been convicted of traffic violations such as a DUI, having an accident while uninsured or received too many points on their driving record in a short period of time.

Getting a License Back

An SR-22 will technically cover a nonlicensed driver, although the only reason to file the form is when a person intends on driving. A driver’s license is required in every state in order to drive legally. When an individual has had his license suspended, the first requirement he must fulfill is filing an SR-22 form with the assistance of an insurance company. The next step is to buy an insurance policy and then finally to have his driver’s license reinstated.

SR-22 Requirements

When a court orders someone to file an SR-22 form, the court will tell him how many years he must keep the filing maintained. In most cases it is three years, similar to a probation period. However, depending on the severity of the offense or the state a person was convicted in, the form may need to be maintained for five years. It is very important to maintain auto insurance without any lapse once the SR-22 form is filed. If the policy is canceled for any reason before the three years are up, the insurance company must notify the state. Upon notice that the driver is no longer upholding his agreement to maintain auto insurance, the state will immediately suspend the driver’s license. In order to reinstate the person’s license, a new SR-22 must be filed. More importantly, the new SR-22 filing must be maintained for another three years, even if the original three years was almost completed.

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