Newsletter – 327 Acre Test: Do You Need Premium Gas?

For this week, we’ve discovered two interesting reports:

  1. Why premium gas might be an unnecessary expense — costing an extra $188 to $376 annually.
  2. What (if anything) Americans are doing to make their finances stretch further (new study).


Why You Might Not Actually Need Premium Gas (Consumer Reports)

On a 327 acre track, CR put this claim to the test. They found that purchasing premium gas translates into paying extra for a higher octane without a performance or fuel economy benefit for many cars. Some cars require premium gas and others only “recommend” its use.

For the cars tested, they also conversed with the manufacturers. And, never was there a connection made with using premium fuel for reliability reasons. See the cars they tested.


More Than 2/3 of Americans Believe They’ll Outlive Their Savings (The Motley Fool)

In this study, Northwestern Mutual followed up and asked, “What steps, if any, have you taken to address the possibility that you may outlive your savings?

What is most surprising is that almost half of respondents (44%) said they’re not doing anything to improve their financial situation. The good news is that 21% had increased their savings, 17% purchased investments, and just 12% searched out information to make financial improvements.


4 Insurers Give Daytime Running Headlight Discounts (Discount Drivers Blog)

Both media outlets, MainStreet and Bankrate reported on the seemingly rare discount of DRLs from insurance companies. One commenter pointed out on the blog that you can get a discount even if you don’t have DRLs as long as you tell one particular insurance company that you will drive with your lights on — always.

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