Australia: Ever Wonder What Happens to Unsold Vehicles? The Answer Will Blow Your Mind!

H ow often do you buy or lease a new car? Perhaps, yearly or every 3 years? You’ve no doubt heard those loud car commercials during holiday weekends, but what happens when a dealer can't sell those cars after the advertised sale?

Here's the secret that dealerships don’t want to tell you—and why getting that perfect vehicle is FAR CHEAPER than you ever imagined (if you know where to look)!

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Before you get suckered into that negotiation game, we want to show you the MASSIVE discounts being hidden in online pricing with factory bonuses that is hard to find.

Currently, we're seeing manufacturers offer nice bonuses, such as free rego, CTP, stamp duty & dealer delivery.2 Also, many offer significant factory bonuses.

Some manufacturers offer up to $5000 in price savings or others will offer up to $5000 in extras.1 But you should save more because... the dealership is getting incentives to clear out the stock. When you see these discounts on a car, this is when you let the Internet negotiate for you.

Because of these many offers and bonuses, now may be one of the best times to purchase a new vehicle and take advantage of current promotions.

Here's how to get the best price from the dealer.

You need to get dealer's special online-only pricing (this avoids the headache of in-person negotiating). And, make sure you're looking for timely factory discounts.

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