The Most Popular Color for Cars By State Compare to National Average

March 14, 2017

The color of your car could be saying things about you that you didn’t even know about yourself. For example, did you know that a black car says you are powerful, but have a touch of elegance? If yellow has caught your eye it may mean deep inside you are joyful and have a great sense of humor. Sometimes our color choices may be out of our hands. Like getting that great deal with our much anticipated tax returns or it may just be a sense of practicality….who wants to wash a white car every day when grey hides so much!

There is a huge chasm of choices. An article by iseecars in February of 2017 noted that 30.9% of Texans preferred brown pick-up trucks over any other choice on the market. With a population of 26.96 million in 2014 that may say a lot about the state and how they live and work. From 12 lanes of big city concrete roads in Austin and Dallas, to one lane dirt by-ways in Rice and Waco there is a special love of durability, practicality and especially heart in what working Texans prefer when it comes to their modern transportation.

Arizona’s choice is yellow which may show how a bright color is important to keep their vehicles cool during their brutal summers.

Here’s the full list:

State Color % Over National Preference
AK blue 37.1%
AL beige 48.2%
AR white 29.4%
AZ yellow 38.7%
CA gray 24.8%
CO gold 50.8%
CT green 35.8%
DE green 39.8%
FL beige 36.2%
GA gold 17.0%
HI silver 32.0%
IA red 32.7%
ID green 33.0%
IL black 11.3%
IN orange 41.1%
KS red 20.9%
KY beige 37.7%
LA brown 36.8%
MA brown 52.3%
MD blue 22.2%
ME green 74.1%
MI red 17.8%
MN red 14.2%
MO red 20.5%
MS white 33.4%
MT green 70.1%
NC white 6.3%
ND red 31.3%
NE red 37.8%
NH green 70.7%
NJ black 19.7%
NM gold 49.1%
NV gold 36.0%
NY gray 31.5%
OH orange 32.4%
OK red 24.0%
OR green 41.6%
PA green 35.2%
RI gray 19.5%
SC gold 38.8%
SD red 30.6%
TN beige 25.4%
TX brown 30.9%
UT white 14.9%
VA green 25.9%
VT green 126.7%
WA green 38.2%
WI red 28.8%
WV red 45.9%
WY red 22.1%

So, the next time you go looking for that next 4 wheeled family member, you may want to take a moment to look around and see what really catches your eye.

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